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  1. Update: It seems to be not gone completely. Sometimes at first load the game crashes. Subsequent loads of the saves work, though. More of a nuisance, since tha game is playable, but still a bug, so I wanted to notify you.
  2. Latest update fixed the issue. This is not only already an amazing game in it's early state, but the support also is great! Thanks!
  3. Hello, Steam just installed I get through the loading screens but if I select a save from 0.3.0 (yesterday) the game crashes. This is reproducible with every try. I can no longer start the game.
  4. I had the same problem. Press space. Worked for me ...
  5. Hello, Steam version. my Windows (10) runs in german, however I had set the language in Grounded to english as I prefer playing games in that language. When I started the 0.3.0 beta the game's language was german. When I opened the options to switch again the language switcher was set to english. I had to set to german, apply and set back to english and apply to get it back to english. When I next started the game the language was et to german again and I had to rinse and repeat the options setting. I looks like the language setting is not saved/retrieved correctly from options. p.s.: Amazing game so far, I had lots of fun!
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