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  1. i'll try playing around with some stuff. Yay fixed, main menu appears normally and the game has no lag at all
  2. i'll try playing around with some stuff.
  3. -no edit button- EDIT: Actually, I think it's the smoke particles that are screwing it up. Because when i actually do get past it, when ever there's smoke or something similar, it screws everything up.
  4. well, i just downloaded the Raid and South Bridge Driver things...I still cant access the main menu...I also downloaded the catalyst thing, i cant even seem to get that to run.
  5. But i ran this game before and ( I had to reinstall XP) it ran super smooth. Would the ATI Catalyst thing help at all?
  6. what about the processor? Where would I find that?
  7. I'm not to sure about getting other drivers... Could you explain it to me?
  8. Hmm, the only mods I got are the armband ones... Also, when it doesn't lock up I can create a charcter and start to play, it's just a bit laggish..
  9. Ok, so while i had just reinstalled SWKotR II, i downloaded some mods, and some other things for it. I double clicked the launcher, watched the little intor stuff and when it tried to come to the main menu all i can see is my Mouse and just a black screen... Computer Specs OS: Windows XP Home 64bit (I believe) Number of CPU(s): One Physical Processor / One Core / One Logical Processor / 64 bits CPU Full Name: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.20GHz CPU Name Intel: Celeron 352 RAM: 2Gigs Video Card/Driver: ATI Radeon 200 Xpress* * I know it's low, but I've played this game before. About as smooth as can be.
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