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  1. I never got into elder scrolls, im attracted to more modern gameplay but i heard from friends of mine that did play it that it was awesome in short. I think obsidian nailed fallout new vegas. 76 got rid of all the npc groups and replaced em with the scorched and also scorched the entire story line with it. Playing with friends, bartering with other players, weapons and gear with multiple legendary perks were the few things they got right in my opinion. Id like to see a larger then life fallout filled with npc groups and multiple story lines. I also would like it if they added more modern weapons to the fold. Ar's, Barret 50's, ect ect. Im no expert in game dev so i wont pretent or tell people how to do their jobs, but im super excited Microsoft acquired Bethesda is this deal. Only good can come from this.
  2. Id f'n cry!! At least tear up. Please let me know if im wrong in my interpretation. Obsedian is part of or owned by Microsoft...Bethesdas parent company is now or will soon be owned by Microsoft....so in theory couldnt obsedian work on the next fallout? Thanks again.
  3. Ahhh. excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject and thank you for the information. Considering what Bethesda did with 76 (imo), this is unfortunate. Obsidian does amazing work with rpgs. What are the odds obsidian will work on a realistic shooter rpg? One thing i loved about New Vegas was the ability to barter different ammo without having to modify the weapons themselves. Thank you for your time, whom ever should take time to reply.
  4. Please please please remaster fallout new vegas, please
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