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  1. I acknowledge that it's buggy. I'm literally am Xbox in Alpha Skip Ahead Ring. So I test a lot. I wasn't complaining that it's buggy. It's just a suggestion. That's all. And I didnt have any issue with someone disagreeing so don't know why you assumed that.
  2. Well you're supposed to explore and find items in Zelda breath of wild as well, but it worked very well in that game. Can't see why it wouldn't work as an option in this game. considering, I'm having a hard time finding the materials I need. It could be because the game is in pre-release and still a little buggy. I think it would be just a nice little tool to help you out for time consumption, it'd be nice for me to not spend a whole lot of time looking for the items that I need. I don't know about you but I have very little bit of time
  3. How awesome would it be if Obsidian tool a page from Zelda BOTW? Hear me out. In BOTW, you are able to use Sheikah Slate to take photos of weapon's, ingredients etc. It's then put into your codex. So let's say you need more of a specific ingredient for a recipe, well you can set your Sheikah Slate to ping anytime those items are nearby. So, I'm having a hard time finding gnat fuzz in grounded so I can craft a specific item. I've spent a lot of wasted time looking for this object. So it'd be cool to see Obsidian let us set our SCA.B to find this specific item. The thing is the item has had to have been analyzed and entered into your database in order for you to set this specific item at one time or another.
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