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  1. That's nice. So what you've effectively said is, "It works on my machine, thus it should work on anyone else's machine." I can confidently say that it isn't my GPU overheating. 60c is not "overheating" for the 2080ti. The safe operating temperature is up to 88c. I idle at about 36c. I thought it might have been after you posted this and tested it. I crashed within thirty seconds of loading the game and trying to leave the main city on Monarch. GPU didn't get anywhere near 88c. The game crashes no matter what settings I play it on. I've tested it on the absolute minimum settings and it crash
  2. I am in desperate need of help. I am about to completely boycott this company because of how much this game crashes. It is NOT a specs issue. I want to play the game I spent money on. I just purchased the DLC pass. i7 9700k@5GHz RTX2080ti (NO OVERCLOCK) 32gb DDR4 @3600MHz Windows 10 64 bit - Ver1909 (Literally reinstalled Windows to try and fix this) The game crashed on Ver2004 as well. Game is installed to an SSD. I've tried verifying the game through the store, I've tried reinstalling the game, I've restarting the game, disabling G-Sync, etc. I AM AT MY WITS END. I can p
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