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  1. I realized some packs still remained. I finally fixed the issue. Thanks for your advice! I learned the lesson! Thanks for replying. I unlocked them all and was able to even build on bed some days ago, but yesterday I couldn't see the blueprint any more. Same for the Mark's man cap. I'm truly worried. I wonder if I did something to spoil the entire game. I reload it again an deleted my progress to start again, but apparently the problem persists.
  2. The clover table does not appear (not even in creative mode);same for marksman cap, pebble foundation and simple bed! I have uninstalled the game two times, deleted my progress, and still the issue persists. I was able to build them before,but yesterday they dissapeared! I'm concern. I think I'm guilty because I used Grounded Companion for a couple of mods (weapon durability and move speed), but nothing else. What calls my attention is that I deleted the game and reinstalled it from Steam, and the issue continues.
  3. I haven't found major problems with the game, but today I realized I did not have the simple bed, marksman cap and anything involving stones; somehow my game crashed and deteleted those crafting and building options. I have tried beginning new games and even uninstalled the game, but the issue persists. Anyone with similar problems? Suggestions?
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