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  1. After last update, played few hours going through hedge maze and content, bought upgrades, zip lines etc without issue. Tried to place a blue print for a set of stairs, then a grass wall and then a scaffold--froze all three times. Yes, this is a known bug, but after my third crash, all types of saves are titled unknown. The time and date stamps look correct. When I reload the game to play again, there is only the last save from the previous session. Real days of saves are not there. Have the log out save from today and one from 9/29
  2. I am hooked on the game and cant play because my saves won't load. I was ignoring or working around most of the other bugs until I couldn't play. If I get back into my brothers world I will have to try the jump thing. Before this lates issue where the saves won't load, If we fell down through the game when loading into the game, we would use the give up option and respawn. 9 times out of ten our stuff would be in a backpack instead of diappearing
  3. Multiplayer. Very long bridge. Baseball to oak tree. My brothers world. Only half the bridge is visible to me. Brothers charater is invisible when heis on that half. When I run down the bridge and hit the invisble part, what I see is my character falling down through the layers of the game. My character pops back into the world as soon as she steps/falls off the bridge.
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