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  1. Issue is resolved and you can access your saved game now. Thankyou obsidian :D
  2. fletch dude, yes there are plenty of forums and ideas on how to have fixed this issue. I tried everything possible and nothing worked.
  3. Yeah they sent me an email saying that they've had a flood of complaints about this issue and have patched it up. Just waiting for Microsofts approval to update the game. Its early access, you cant moan to much and have to expect issues. Be patient with obsidian. They are doing well with this game all in all.
  4. Hello dear grounded players, I'm having a major issue with my xbox one version of grounded. I got to 31 days played time. Game crashed and wont let me on to the save file. Crashes on load up. I tried every single method to get it working, nothing worked. So I started all over again. Got to day 16 and its done the same thing. Very frustrated. I emailed obsidian but had no reply. Shame. Is anyone else having this problem?
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