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  1. Ah thats awsome ill try that out. and see what i can do im more into a good feed of the toon the doing maxium damage, offcause i like to be able to survive and complite the game :). thx alot for your answers guys!
  2. this sound very interesting, would it be any way to show what feets and skills and lvl i have to pick ? like starting roug lvl 1 or monk.. as i say im quite new to the game and im not sure i know how the full mechanism works. like if there was a "charater build" on a the net where u can share them ?
  3. Im not looking for spec. rouge class but some that feels agile and not "tankish". but im not sure how the diffrent classes work, so any build tips are helpful
  4. Hello guys! Im new to the game but i would love to make a Spear n Shield whielding dex(fast moving) melee dps. and i was woundring if you guys could help me out ether by link old build or to a other topic that contains ideas or infomations :). Thx in advance!. Ravensborg.
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