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  1. What should be the network settings for others to join me in grounded I have a 92 mBs down and 10 up but my friend cannot join me but I have no problem joining him
  2. there are several spots on the map where my character freezes, the game does not crash , it just freezes , and stays frozen for up to 3 minutes and unfreeze for about 10 seconds , and repeats until i can get away from that spot , the main area where it freezes is the active ant hill and any where with in 100 cm as per measurement in game . the only other issue i have with the game is that when building, to complete a piece ( wall , floor , ect . ) it takes 15 - 20 seconds to load a wall ( four planks of grass) as finished , the game freezes during this 20 seconds , then completes the p
  3. I really really like the game a lot or I would not bother reaching out for you guys to try and fix the problems that I have with the game, I only have three issues with the game the first and biggest issue is that every time I go to complete a piece of wall floor door anything in the game when I press X to complete whatever it is that I'm building the the game freezes for about 10 to 15 seconds sometimes even up to 20 seconds and then the piece of wall is completed this is a little bit frustrating because it takes up a lot of time to complete a building our room or whatever it is that I am con
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