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  1. decided not to swap the world files in case theres some funny business after they fix it. dont wanna lose my 130 hours of work lol. Never had twitter but now im checking it constantly Edit- Logged another 10 or so hours on the new game save and everything still loads.
  2. Ah really? Previously I couldn't even save/load a new game so I thought this was progress. Only logged 8 hours putzing around doing burgl stuff. I'm curious if I swap the world files if all my stuff will be there on this load or if it'll break it.
  3. Some news this morning. I started a new game and tested the saves both auto and manual. Both work fine. I really dont want to redo 130 hours of work so hopefully they patch our old saves back in but at least the game is playable.
  4. Everyone make sure you send your save file if you can. This seems to be a more random issue since its hitting people at different times and others aren't even having the issue. Played with my friend on Xbone and all his saves- auto and manual, post update, are fine.
  5. yep. cant load. cant start new game unless i just leave it running in background as new saves do not load either. not really willing to redo 130 hours of building. glad its early access just hope seasonal crap doesnt get put in so i dont miss anything when i come back. fun game but proper save/load is more important than an icon.
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