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  1. The recent update has fixed all my save files!!!! Im back in. Playing pc gamepass version, so happy! I hope you all didnt delete the corrupted save files.
  2. The concerning thing about the description in that link is that it only say steam and xbox one players. I use the xbox app on pc version and still having the same issue
  3. We know its early access and expect it to be buggy but there is a line, considering you still have to pay money to play this. Yes server resets are to be expected but not being able to play more than one session in a row due to save file corrupts is completely unplayable. The disapponting thing is seeing the developers respond to other bug reports like the ant hill or items disappearing etc. but nothing on this.
  4. Same problem here. Only 1 save file works from about 8 hours ago before my last 2 party members join (could 4 players be the common issue). Ive tried everything under the sun and I cant get my recent saves tp load. Im on PC windows version. Untill this is fixed the game is completely unplayable
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