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  1. Excellent news! I look forward to hopefully getting stuck back in again later!
  2. Perhaps it's something only affecting older xboxes? I'm rocking an OG day one and have this issue (though it also affects me when trying to load on PC). I've seen a couple X owners now say they're fine but that's purely anecdotal.
  3. I think because it's a Play Anywhere title, them asking for the xbox gamertag encompasses both the xbox itself as well as the PC xbox app varient.
  4. At a guess, the forums here are generally occupied by the support team, who collate and report up to the devs which is then published on Trello for tracking. However, if they DO need information from us then you are completely correct, they should be feeding that back down here.
  5. On the Trello board, they've been asking for steam zip files of the game sames and gamertags for those on the xbox/windows version to try and get to the bottom of this. Link here for the card in question.
  6. It's clear that this should be worked on and hotfixed as a priority as it's simply preventing people from being able to play. Even if they start again, who is to say that the new save will still work? Please understand that our impatience on this comes from a place of love and that we just want to get stuck back in. I spent weeks building various bases and megastructures ready for my friends to get on and play with me as we only get together on Sundays only to find none of the saves worked.
  7. Same issue here I'm afraid. It seems to only effect saves post patch that have the little ghost icons on them to signify single or multiplayer games. All other games just simply will not load for me. I only have the five most recent and now none of them load. I am simply not able to play now until this is fixed as I would rather not play than start again.
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