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  1. I love the tooltips that show detailed information on some items, that prevents from cluttering the main text in dialogs, and in the UI in general. But here is how it gets because of the transparent background, it's unreadable. I set the "Solid HUD Background" option (solid background behind the in-game user interface), but that didn't change this behaviour. Some options are in the wrong category, such as the tooltip delay and the solid background, but I haven't seen anything regarding tooltip transparency elsewhere either, maybe I missed it.
  2. Neverwinter Nights and others had camera rotation. It's a shame, Unity allows that without any problem. They put the same limitation in Pathfinder, fortunately there's a mod to work around this artificial limitation for that game.
  3. Installing Windows 10 is no easy task, it would also require to buy a licence. When I say "not helping", it's because your claims are without foundation and actually mostly false: Deadfire support is not end of life, they have contacted me to solve the issue. Besides, those forums are still here, aren't they? Windows 7 is not officially supported by Microsoft, except for a fee the fact Windows 7 reached its end of support doesn't mean software running on it is not supported anymore driver age is relevant, it's the first thing any support will ask you to update (and what has been asked in this case too). Why? Because new drivers either solve issues present in older ones, improve the features, or improve the compatibility with the recent OS updates. Keeping old versions is asking for trouble most of the time. You seem to contradict yourself on that topic, by the way. So please just stop trying to help because you just achieve the opposite. Your intention may be good, but guessing and repeating hearsay is usually the worst idea when trying to solve a technical issue.
  4. Hello, Thanks for the clarification on the forum. Windows 7 has nothing to do with it, I don't know why everyone is hammering on that point, and I have already mentioned that right above. It's the OS the game was designed for in the first place (or even Vista), please stop using that as an explanation for every problem. What date did you see for the driver? Because they aren't even 1-year old. As for not supporting it, if Obsidian sells a product, they have to provide support. Are you certain of that fact? Actually, are you a member of the support? Sorry but you're not helping.
  5. Any news? Has the support team seen this? What about this moderation message? "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" --> does it mean this thread is not visible? I suppose that it's only invisible when there's a "Hidden" above the post.
  6. Hello, Windows 7 is on the list of supported OSes, which is normal given this game has been released in 2018. The screenshot is taken from gog (), where it was bought a few days ago, but on Obsidian's website, the minimum requirement is Vista (https://eternity.obsidian.net/buy). Since my post seemed to be held here (and I'm still seeing "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" so I understand you're the only one seeing it?), I send a problem report to the support together with a dxdiag.txt file, but I haven't received any feedback. Is this game still supported? What's the recommended method to get help when the game shows such problems? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm using version (according to GOG) on Windows 7 x64 pro. This is a fresh install, it hadn't been installed before. The problem is the following: when the mouse goes over the menu buttons or any interactive part of the interface, it makes a soft "click", which cuts the background music for a moment. The effect is really annoying and during all the configuration and character setup, the music is on/off/on repeatedly because of this problem. Is it a known problem, and if so, is there another work-around than muting the music entirely (which would be a shame)? Is there a patch on the way to solve it? The sound card is a Sound Blaster Z, that's not the type of problem I ever had with other games. Let me know if you need further information. Thanks
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