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  1. These are some hopes and dreams for the game, and things i have noticed. BTW loving it 1) the list of saved games... its too messy, I would like to be able to Name my saved game, as is it all blends together. I play solo and with a friend and i see playing with my kids as well but with different saves and its hard to figure out which is which.. 2) inventory and chest sort buttons would be da bomb.. 3) armor auto equip, picking up armor off your body should go back to equipped 4) armor and things on the tool bar... should not take inventory space.. if i have all my tools and armor along with glider.. i have no space for anything else 5) equipment.. add quiver, that would be cool.. 6) pop cans.. on the bottom of the pop can your model has triangles and not quads... it shows in the render (sorry things i notice as a CAD/Blender user) hope the team reads this.. ill be playing after work and all night and looking forward to the next content update
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