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  1. Buddy, this happened to me. Go to the login area and delete all your saves, just leave what is working. Disable automatic saving or set for every 20 minutes. Now keep a maximum of 10 rescues, I recommend 5, and always delete the oldest one. Before leaving the game, log in to your last save to ensure it works the next time. Follow these instructions and you will be able to play normally.
  2. It is not possible to recover, but I know how to avoid it. Keep a maximum of 10 save points, I leave only 5, and delete the rest. Although the game allows for several save points, there is apparently a problem that when saving new games the next files are empty and in the future you may lose all your progress returning to the first mission of the game. (It happened to me). Do this and you will be able to play smoothly.
  3. Hello, this problem occurs on my xbox. Choose a working save point and then delete all the previous or later ones. Keep a maximum of 5 load points, this will prevent the error from happening again. Although the game allows for multiple save files, it recognizes only a small amount, and the next ones end up being empty files. This process will also prevent failure when trying to save a game and the notification that a save is in progress appears. Hope this helps.
  4. Hello, play on xbox one. At the moment it is impossible to access some parts of the map due to the grouping of larvae, when approaching the game is extremely slow and you are unable to move. It is not because of the settings, I have tested it in the lowest possible and the problem persists. Does anyone know what to do?
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