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  1. So we have a couple of storage chests setup. When we first put them down we didn't see much of a problem with them. Then I came back to drop off and organize all the inventories and ran into 3 problems. First I'd remove a number of items from a storage chest for organizing only to have the items jump from my inventory back into the box. This happened even when i quickly took items and got out of the chest's inventory. I thought I'd found a way around it only to watch the items hop back out of inventory. Second problem I had is that sometimes when the chest is buggy I can't drag and drop a stack from the chest to my inventory anymore. It will appear the items have moved but when I exit they aren't there. They aren't jumping out of my inventory like the first problem, they simply never go to my inventory. I can take the items 1 by 1 but even then the first problem sometimes gets in the way of that. Third problem is a possible desync on the chest. There will be maybe 3 or 4 spots left and I'll move a stack into that slot in the chest only to watch it disappear from my inventory and the chest inventory. Its almost like something is registered in that slot. Oddly I did notice that at random we'd come back to base and find one of the items had popped up on the floor in front of the chest. Also I have pulled items out of the chest and watched items that weren't there before immediately fill that specific spot. So if I somehow got 2 items to take up slot 4 in a chest and I remove an item from slot 3, no new item appears. If i remove the slot 4 item then the second one seems to appear in slot 4. And I have no way of knowing which slots in which chests are over cap. No idea why it is fine sometimes and then just wonky. Restarting the whole session seems to help but eventually it seems to go back to doing it.
  2. I'm playing on co-op and when you access inventory and right click an item it lists a bunch of things you can do with that item. The keybinds are set up in settings. It isn't like removing the keybind or not saving it. But those keybinds for drop/inspect/ etc just aren't doing anything and aren't even listed in the brackets of the drop down menu (text in down will read Repair [ ] or Drop [ ] like nothing is bound).
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