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  1. I've been having alot of fun on the game playing with my girlfriend. She play on xbox and I play on the PC. Lately, we will be in the game and the game will constantly kick us off probably about 3-5 times throughout the whole time we're playing and it gets really frustrating. I lost all my gear multiple times, even good items I was carrying and can't do anything about it but try and re-craft the same item few times to store in storage so if i come back to new character again then least I have something to go back to. I hate to keep doing that, and hope the issues get fixed soon. Would hate to stop playing this game cause again it is really fun but not fun losing your items u worked hard for. Would be nice to have servers that save your progress, instead of it saving on someone else's multiplayer file. Whoever isn't host have higher chance of losing everyday while host can return back to their things. Maybe it's a crossplay issue who knows..
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