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  1. For the devs: in your known issue list you state that raw science orbs disappear but that implies that they ever appeared to begin with. I just want to be sure you know that some of us have never seen one to begin with. I've played three separate games for over 40 hours, have looked in single and multiplayer, and haven't seen a single one ever.
  2. I haven't gotten stuck in a web so far, but I haven't been able to cut them down since my first game. Now when I approach them, the only option I get is to chop the grass they're attached to; chopping at the web directly does nothing.
  3. I've had this, too, and notice that in menu screens various keys don't work. But if I click on the actual button that says ESC for example that does the trick. Have you tried this workaround?
  4. Same here. I'm not able to see markers on the map, though what's different for me is I don't always crash when trying.
  5. I'm getting this same problem and though I love the game it's making me want to stop playing entirely until there's a fix. I didn't even realize they existed until I watched a video someone made with them and, based on the comments section of the video, many other people aren't getting them either. I, too, have started multiple games now to try to get them to no avail (though after almost 40 hours of gameplay I'm hesitant to reinstall). After my latest new game not only can I not find orbs, but I can't cut down spider webs either and I was able to before so it seems like with each new game I lose functionality. I know some people are getting locked out of the lab or BURG.L is disappearing and that that's a known issue but I really hope the devs explore why so many people aren't seeing orbs at all. Also apparently those who can see the orbs say that the SCAB alerts them when nearby but my SCAB only alerts when there's an analyzer lab nearby. I see no point currently in updating my SCAB with the few RS I've been able to grind if I don't get orbs in the first place. I'm loving the game so far but it's incredibly frustrating to have to grind so hard to get raw science through only analysis and quests. And the more in game days that pass, the enemies seem to spawn more quickly and in numbers but I barely have enough RS to upgrade to floors and stairs (not nearly enough for better fortification). Please please fix this soon!
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