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  1. It would be amazing if we could get in and explore the house. Maybe even have a small family to avoid inside. A toddler running around and moving toys would create a unique system for the house. Could obviously also have plenty of bugs and such that made it in the house. Just a fun idea.
  2. Hello all, I would like to say that I have been enjoying the hell out of Grounded so far. That being said I would like to share my hopes for the future. 1st. I noticed a under construction tape in front of the shack with the grill and I will assume that area is being worked on but I definitely would like to go into the house and some of the surrounding structures such as the shack. 2nd. I haven't experienced weather changes yet and I think that would be something amazing for this game due to the scale. 3rd and finally the variety of creatures is great but things like caterpillars, cricket
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