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  1. TSLCR is a mod for TSL, and will serve as a companion mod for M4-78RP and TSLRP. It's been in constant-ish development for around a year now, and a majority of the content has been restored already, you can catch screens and other previews here Information - Around 3 hours of restored content including, but not limited to: Ebon Hawk: 1. Additional lines from the council during the Trial. 2. After Kreia leaves the Exile for dead, the Party dicusses what to do next. 3. Mical sends a message to Atris saying he found what was hunting the Jedi. Prologue: 1. Additional lines from Kreia about the force bond. 2. T3-M4 has lines about repairing the ship. Telos: 1. A thug attacks you after asking about the black-market blaster. 2. 2 new areas that involve Czerka's Corruption. 3. Czerka takes over Citadel station. 4. After defeating Nihilus you have the choice to deny Carth an audience. Nar Shaddaa: 1. A Twilek slave will show up in the cantina after talking to Kalanaah about entertainment. 2. The Twinsuns give Atton a neck massage. 3. (If LS)Mira is locked away after her fight with Hanharr, the Exile is captured and sent to Goto, and Atton/Bao-Dur have to rescue Mira. 4. After T3 has retrieved the codes the party must fight it's way to the Ebon Hawk. 5. Kreia and Hanharr talk in the hidden apartment. 6. The player can threaten to blow up the Yacht, causing Goto to shut off the oxygen. 7. When Atton sees the Twinsuns alive, he has additional dialog. Dxun: 1. When approached by the sentry you can leave peacefully. 2. Somewhere in Freedon Nadd's tomb a Dark Jedi is showing off a beast. Onderon(Second Visit): 1. If sided with Vaklu, Kadron defends Kiph with his life. 2. If sided with Vaklu, Vaklu and Kavar have an extended entrance into the Throne Room. Korriban: 1. When entering the Tomb, party members complain about not being able to follow. 2. When in the tomb, Revan has the exile clone fight the player as well. 3. An insane Dustil attacks the player. 4. Visions don't kill the player. Dantoine: 1. After defeating Vrook in Khoonda, you can either kill him or sell him to Azkul. 2. Visas and Brianna talk to Kreia about her being a Sith. 3. During the 'Rebuilt Enclave' sequence Kreia has an extended mocking of the Masters. Ravager: 1. Sion breaks his alliance with Nihilus. 2. If the last Proton core isn't set before you leave, the Ravager crashes into Telos station. Beta Team Darth Stoney Zbyl2 nine.roses TriggerGod jonathan7 Revan 411 RenegadeSniper.7 Voice Acting I'm using voice acting for the dialogue spoken by some of the cut human characters. I have already filled most positions, if one opens up I'll post in this thread. FAQ - Here are answers to questions that will no doubt be asked, I'll add to this list as the thread grows. [Q] What game is this for? [A] TSL [Q] Will your mod be compatible with TSLRP and M4-78? [A] Yes. [Q] Will you restore Atris as Traya? [A] Yes, that is the main focus of the mod. [Q] How long will it take you to complete the mod? [A] Possibly in a few months. [Q] When will this mod be released? [A] Whenever it's done. Preview Screenshots TSLCR on Photobucket Videos TSLCR Youtube Profile Credits Team Exile's former leader Zbyl2---- Assistant modder, tester. swfan28----- Nar Shadda help. Sith Holocron------ sound file edits. Darth Stoney------ M4-78 comp testing, random help. nine.roses------- Storyline Editor DarthHK----- Tester HassatHunter------ Tester Tysaycha - Tester Other former Team Exile members. visit the site http://tslcr.co.cc
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