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  1. yeah, your right. That's how i did it last time now that I think about it. THnks. I considered that, but forgot the notion before acting on it. Makes sense I suppose. When playing on difficult, do you get more experience from battle, or does the difficulty simply exist to arbitrarily cahllenge you?
  2. wait so you're saying that after Revan beats Malak he/she goes and fights in the Mandalorian Wars and from there becomes the Exile? first of all, the Mandalorian Wars were before KOTOR1, and second of all, it's already established that the Exile was one of Revan's generals in the war, so they can't be the same person Okay. no. I didn't say anything about that. I played as a male in both kotor's so there's no sex change there.
  3. fools! revan and the exile are one in the same In kotor 2, if you return to telos before going to malachore, you will have a conversation with the republic general onasi, in which he will aks about revan, if you ask if he knows revan, he will tell you "all revan told me is that he had to go some place, he needed to walk in a place where having allies or anyone he cared about would only hurt them", to which your reply is simply asking Onasi ihe wants you to tell him wether or not you find revan. He quickly says no,(not only does he not want to know where he is, he doesn't even want to know if you find him) and requests only that you relay the sentimental message "Just tell him that General Onasi is following his orders" (onasi tells you that revan left him to take care of the republic while he was gone, and that he would one day return) Then, after you leave, you see a scene in which a woman walks into the room and asks him "Did he know?" Onasi says "No, maybe its better that he doesn't" Obviously, the woman isn't simply asking if the exile new where revan was because if that was their interest, they would have the exile tell them where he is, or at least try. Revan would be counting on onasi to watch over the republic, so Onasi would have no need to seek out the exile in order to relay a redundant message, the request is just a farce to resolve the conversation, for example; Onasi: Blah blah blah balh revan blah blah blah Exile: did you know revan? Onasi: blah blah 'take care of republic' blah blah 'i will return' balh balh blah Exile: do you want me to tell you if I find him? Onasi: No. Exile:ummm.... ... okay...? onasi: kthnxbai I assumed this conversation was meant to allude to perhaps an invent involving revan, or maybe that the exile is revan too, and that everyone is revan, like some chrisitan revealtion, or at the very least, more conversations referring to his whereabouts. I can't really think of any good reason why we would be told in kotor 2 that revan left his allies to go somewhere, left the republic in onasi's care, that onasi is curious as to what the exile knows about revan and that he doesn't want to know of revan is found. If it doesn't allude to something that happens in this game, and isn't at the end to set up a sequel, then all they're doing is either arbitrarily limting themselves as writers, or creating a chance of continuity issues, and then a bunch of teenagers will argue about it for years on a forum somewhere... The exile is definitely revan. That's why you don't see revan in kotor 2. Revan left his allies, and the republic, and subsequently became involved in the mandalorian wars and ****. Then he decided that the force is to blame for him falling once again, so he shuts himself off from it. If you accuse a jedit of stripping away the force from you, they will deny it, and say it was just because you were such an ass-hat. I disagree. The exile is much to strong to simply accidently lose the force. That's why revan never makes an apearance, because he's you. That's also why no one ever tells you that you are revan. The exile was born after revan fell again and cast off the force to punish himself. The result was the sith master visas belonged to, who is not a man, but the force in corporeal form, kreia tells you even that he is no longer a man. That is why visas is drawn/sent to you, and why when visas looks into him, she sees "a thousand ghost ships, I see it in your (the exile) eyes as well" also, if you choose to take his mask, it will make you stronger with the force. perhaps that is why kreia brought you to malachor; because that is the place revan left his allies for, and became a pure human and a shell of his dark force. That's why the exile did horrible things, because revan became stronger than he ever was, and fell again, HARD. Then, perhaps his conscious, struggling with the dark side, brought him to malachor where he was able to strip himself of the force into raw material and start again.
  4. I'm at the point where you play as the droid, and need to blast open a door in order to get some spikes for the computer console in order to access the fuel depot terminal to release your main character. I've gone EVERYWHERE I can go, and there are no items here that are not in my inventory. I've picked up the explosives from the dead man, and when I attempt to place the mine, it tells me my skill is too low. This makes sense, its a deadly sonic mine, so it takes a fair amount of demolition points to use. I cannot do anything to this door except for attempt to bash it which of course does not work, and attempt to place this mine that I am not able to use. I don't want to start from my autosave, I think I'd rather not play this game than waste a half hour on a bug that will likely repeat itself. Please don't direct me to a guide. I've read plenty of them, they simply instruct you to check the dead body downstairs for the mines, and then place one at the door. Obviously, the guides are leading me straight to a dead end. EDIT: Okay, upon using my autosave to return to this point THE SAME **** IS HAPPENING. So I started the game from scratch. I got back to this area and yes, this is as far as I can possibly go. I want my money back! I feel like somebody ripped me off by selling me a demo version or some ****.
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