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  1. Hi ! Maybe if you have some time and enjoy helping others by documenting the game, you could join the workforce in the Grounded Fandom Wiki ! https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Grounded_Wiki We are very few, unorganized, and everything remains to be done, so it's probably the funniest part where anarchical innovation is welcome. You come and just start working on anything you like, even if its just a 20sc proofreading of an already written page. See ya
  2. Arf yeah I can just think of gory finishers right now, do you have an example of soft finishers animations in another game ? Maybe if it involves mostly clean slicing rather than head crushing/spine twisting/heart extracting, It could be ok. I guess the last gameplay video of that kind of things I saw was doom 2016, so I may be a bit biased about what does exist or not in the non-gory range of finishers, as I can only think about stealth games finishers wich are not gory, but rather slow assassinations... For the combat, It's not my prefered activity in the game, so I have no clear opinion, but maybe you could give us an example of what is a good first person close-range combat system for you ? Would the small improvments made to minecraft combat be enought, or does it needs something more complex -yet still very arcadey and speedey - to fill you needs ? Maybe a system where bugs do behave like they have some mass when you hit them, so you could push them around in pike traps with a foot hit, like in dark messiah of might and magic ? Or/and a first person dark souls, with blocking and evading blows being funamental for advanced ennemies ? Btw as i'm not a combat person, a friend / group buffer tool would be awesome. I think the game should be able to be played alone, so Tank/healer/dps should not be a mandatory tactic, but I would love to play as a support buffer/medic when goofing around with friends. Like when I play willow, I would have a megaphone linked to a cassette player, and I would play 80's metal to buff my friends, this ability being limited by batteries capacities. Also, i don't comunicate with voice, only text chat. So here apex legend (sorry once again) changed my views on fps with it's middle mouse button pointing mechanics. It's simply brillant, and it would be perfect for this game, much much more usefull than emotes (wich are cool nontheless) to communicate without having to stop to type "beware ennemies at 6 o clock"...
  3. Hi devs / community managers / everyone ! I had a blast with the demo. Can't wait to test the early access and give feedback to contribute to the game's improvment. The best direction for this game IMO is what inspire its core : 80/90's kids movies. Its almost perfect, but two things could improve it more in that direction : - Ziplines for base building and/or exploration (and its unreasonable, but being able to contruct some kind of cable car would be 1996 11yo me heaven). - Floor sliding, in a very satisfying way like apex legend did (gaining initial sliding speed with run/jump/glide velocity, then gaining/loosing sliding speed depending on direction/terrain angle/terrain material). It could be maped to the gliding key/button without changing anything at all, since gliding only triggers at a minimum height/jump duration ; the two wouldn't interfere (whereas slinding would interfere with croutching to hide if binded on the same button). - sliding ramps ! straight ones, curved ones, soft or hard angles... Along with - buildable ladders, all this would contribute to the feeling of being in a funhouse, wich is the best part of movies like Honey I shrunked the kids or Hook in the eye of a kid. Imagine your players then sharing gameplay video of themselves going up the roof in their cable car (well ok that can be skiped), basejumping in the void but then hooking to an underneath zipline that run toward the oak tree in the center of the map, jumping off the zipline in its middle to glide at medium speed thanks to an advanded tier glider, then when reaching the ground transitionning to sliding down an ant hill slope while shooting arrows at surrounding mobs. Add customisable waypoints, and you'll have a competitive parkour map-sharing community in top of the traditionnal survival lovers one. If you're afraid of all that breaking the pace of the game in terms of combat/exploration, you can lock all this behind advanced crafting (like a sledge requiered for sliding exaclty like the gliders, coming in different materials so with varying stats (top speed...)). On another note, I don't think the suggestion about finishing moves is that good, because in its curent state Grounded can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. It don't needs more gore to be a sometime very frightening game, yet suitable for nearly everyone. because only insects are harmed. I know its a thin line since there's already gory elements, like the ant totems, and the game is also about killing bugs in a yellow/brown blood explosion to chop their bodies to build fancy house ornaments for your own pleasure, but somehow it feels acceptable with its cartoon style ; maybe reserving spectacular finishing moves for very aggresive and monstruous mobs like thoses damn spiders could be a good compromise. I don't have kids, but If I had dawn I would like to be able to play this game with them. Finaly, I sooooo want to be able to pet weevils. And to tame them. And to use ladybugs to haul a sleigh to carry many planks and things in one go, with me seated on the ladybug leading it with an aphid on a fishing rod. Obviously the other strong appeal of Grounded is its insects, so I'd like to see more interraction between bugs, with the players, and so more animations of the most cute ones. The scarier ones don't need more animations IMO, their apparent lack of emotion and striclty aggresive behavior plays a great role in the fear they provoke. Many Thx for reading the wall of text. that's how much I like the game in its current state. TL;DR : Ziplines, sliding mechanics and associated basebuilding thingies, more bugs interractions/animations.
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