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  1. I, like many others HATE, or at the very least DESPISE MMORPGs. I won't be paying anything but a one off for a game EVER, and there are times and places where its JUST me & MY computer...NO INTERNET.. HELLO... Anyway, With regards to a playable character I'd BEG Obsidian & Lucas Arts (after the at least ten year begging [the length ill beg for] for KOTOR3 to begin development), for it to be: CARTH ONASI.. ..everyone loves him! And second of all he's IN the dark horse comic "Knights of the Old Republic" ... ..ADDING new awesome information and intrigue to an ALREADY awesomly intriguing CHARACTER in the Old republic world!! Also many questions for the series to tie off, and from his unique point of view they'd be FASCINATING to watch.. ...who knows he could even be one of those force sensitives who ONLY later on (ie in KOTOR 3) is GIVEN the idea (by a master/wise man) that his survival and fleet skills are MORE than just well developed SKILL.... CARTH RULES PLEASE consider it my Lucas Arts & Obsidian folk! Thanks for reading my beggin-you-to-do-it contribution
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