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  1. I agree that respecs are kinda bullcrap in RPGs, but consider that, from the moment the game allows you to literally unlearn how to do science, the game should also allow you to become buff and dumb. My complaint is that you either don't have respec feature at all, or you have a full respect feature but with extra steps and limited times to do it. For instance, let's say there's a quest for a technological vat tube thingamabob (just like cap winkwink nudgenudge) that let's you reconfigures yourself (appearance, stats, skills) and is single use. It would be mechanically ok, and would be on par with the game's theme.
  2. Hey everyone! Why is there no option to respec your atrributes? I mean, you can UNLEARN science but you can't respec your attributes? It'd be helpful if you guys recommended a workaround for this!
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