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  1. They have not. The printing press hasn't been invented yet in the world of eternity. Books existed before the printed press was invented. Copies were made by clerks and monks in monasteries. This mean books were very expensive and rare, but it didn't matter because the majority couldn't read anyway... I was talking about newspapers. Very true, but it doesn't necessarily mean that news should come in printed 'modern newspaper' form (as it did in Arcanum). Mass Effect did this by the means of radio news (in elevators), Project Eternity can make use of Town Criers, Wanted Poster
  2. I am sure they are going to have lots of books inside the game (which is great), so it wouldn't hurt to add a modified version of the recipe book to the game, or as an Easter egg. I must add I was a big fan of newspapers in Arcanum too, and I liked them even more than books, mostly because the text inside newspapers is a reflection of the player's actions. Reading about yourself is always a lot more interesting than reading about other people. I suppose they are not going to have newspapers in PE, but one can never stop dreaming.
  3. Well, I mentioned Torn and Planescape Torment before. Now I must add Baldur's Gate 3 and Icewind Dale 3 to my list. In this order: Planescape Torment 2 Baldur's Gate 3 Torn Icewind Dale 3 NWN3 I really think a poll would be helpful here, since some posts are getting wildly out of control and suspiciously troll-like.
  4. Modern World (cars, celebrities, politics, corruption, etc) + Fantasy World (magic, elves, gnomes, etc) + Dark settings *** I noticed someone mentioned an Arcanum sequel. As far as I know, the IP belonged to Sierra (belongs to Activision now), so you probably can't make an Arcanum sequel. But I think an Arcanum like game in future is a good idea. If you have played Arcanum, you know that in one of the endings Arranox returns to Arcanum and turns it into a land of technological marvels. Something like our own world, with cars and airplanes and bikes, but with magic, and elves and orcs and
  5. Any dark, gritty and mature fantasy RPG with an engine as good as Dragon Age: Origins' engine will do. Torn, for example. I hesitate to say Planescape Torment 2, because I suspect you will have licensing problems. When Dragon Age: Origins came out, I was pretty sure you guys would make a game using that engine. Sadly, you didn't. Nevertheless, I'd love to play an Obsidian RPG with an engine as smooth as DA:O engine. I really liked NWN2 and the two expansions, but the engine just didn't work. An Obsidian RPG with Skyrim engine would be good, too. Whatever you do, just don't make Alph
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