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  1. I hope this is not just more of the same. I’ve seen lots of posts about crashes on Tartarus, however I think that either my issue is more specific (and different), or maybe I can provide more information that might help sort it out. As far as I can tell, this is not related to the “Chairman room” crashes, as I cannot get to that point in the game. First of all, I’m playing on an X Box One X (OS version 10.0.19041.2493) and I have The Outer Worlds version I don’t know if it matters, but I am playing with an Elite controller. I have played through the game several times and had no issues before. This is the first time I’ve tried an “evil” play through. I won’t run though every choice I’ve made up until the point where it crashes, but I have killed every human I have encountered in the game. The only companion I have with me is SAM. However, it doesn’t seem to matter whether I take him with me or not, the game crashes either way. Upon exiting my ship on Tartarus, the game will play until I either manually save or I reach an auto save (either due to time passed or exiting the docks). That save file is then corrupt. I have reloaded a previous save several times, attempting to change elements that might be affecting it (bring SAM or not, changing my armor/weapons, etc.), but have yet to find a method that works. I don’t know what is causing the crash, but it is directly related to saving. I have sent this issue to Private Division. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Has anyone been able to find a work around for this?
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