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  1. so the amd, and mci can make this run worse? im not using unity console. my specs are ryzen 5 3600 rx 580 8 gb 16 gb ram sorry for the late reply
  2. so, i have a really nice pc, is not a high end one but i can play most games from the last generation at 90-120 fps on high or ultra, the thing is deadfire is running like ****, sorry for the word but its that, im getting 40 fps and about 10-20 on cities and its not even stable it constantly goes from 10 to 40, or just freezes right away, when i open the game i get a black screen for about 5 min before i can start playing. i already tried setting all the graphics to low but it still runs like that, so im not sure what is causing this. any help please?
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