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  1. Thank you guys for all the help i finished first game <corona = a lot of time> , heading towards second! Can i proceed with my current mechanics familiarity or Deadfire is completely different?
  2. Thank you for all the responses. I managed to get my squad after few hours in game, most of them I met in the middle of roads etc. What I would like to ask is about weapon and (especially) Armor selection. I have real issues with evaluating weapons and even more the armors: DR is very nice but -50%attack speed is very harsh too... I feel like having 4 people in no armor is very bad, but I struggle to choose what is preferred. For now I am steamrolling all the fights on POTD other than caves under castle (I got stomped I will come back later, what level I should?) Current party: 1. Cipher Ranged DPS currently I use no armor and pistol->warbow 2. Aloth - CC wizard no armor - sceptre ->shield and hatchet 3. Durance - rod -> sword and shield 4. Hiravas - no armor - most of the time he is in his wildshape 5. Kana - Arkebuz -> sword and shield - heavy armor 6. Pallegina - Arbalest -> flail + shield - heavy armor Summing up the question: Who should wear what armor? What are good weapon choices for classes (1h or 2h) What is recommended lvl for castle dungeon? Is juggling weapons (like opening the fight with XVIII century firearm barrage) worth it?
  3. Hi, Even tho i am veteran of BG 1-2, IWD, NWD I was a bit overwhelmed by amount of tutorials, mechanics and guides, then looking for advice for someone more familiar I am looking for the advice about party composition (maybe you can suggest some builds + some companions) a. I want to use 6 man party b. I want to use story companions c. I would like to play at hard or potd, unless due to other requirements this is too much hassle/not doable. d. I dont mind microing stuff and pausing, I do like spells, abilities, so all the "classes with some kind of spells" are in favour. e. I ve read that good beginner party composition is: 1. Tank 2. Offtank 3. 2nd line damage dealer 4. ranged damage dealer 5. Caster 6. Caster The most interesting classes from look in game for me are: Paladin, Chanter, Wizard, Priest, Cipher(what a cool idea!) Druid ! Experience from other games says me that Rogue would be needed too. Could you point me out some guides & companions i can use in such party? Thanks a lot //I can edit post if i find some suitable build for some role.
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