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  1. This has the easiest workaround in the world. Logitech software activates the profile when the exe is launched, it doesn't bother to check the path or if it is even the same exe. Whatever Win 10 game you want to make a profile for, find the name of the exe in task manager while it is running (in this case, you already know), and copy any random exe from one of your other games onto your desktop. Rename that exe "Outerworlds.exe" or whatever game you are trying. Direct your logitech software to that and set up your profile. Once it's set up, delete the exe copy on your desktop. The Logitech software will now load that profile for ANY exe with that name. I got the idea when I noticed that Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together were using the same profile for me, which I figured out was because the exe files for both games share the same name.
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