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  1. Good luck. Tried that. They told me the only way I can get refunded is through VersusEvil and they just flat out ignore you. Seems Sony doesn't care what trash gets through the door to the psn store anymore. They're getting a cut of the profit anyway. Obsidian had massive potential, but now? Ha. VersusEvil ruined them, and they just don't seem to care. Same thing always happens, a company is fantastic until they get a taste of the money they make from a good sale and then it's "Oh wow, we got em now, let's squeeze every penny out of them and ignore them." Hence why no word from Obsidian on the matter. They know what they're doing is slimy.
  2. Oh I can sympathize. I know exactly how you feel. I only have a few hours between work and sleep to play. Or try. If I'm not in a loading screen, I'm crashing to the dash board. And that's IF my save didn't get corrupted from my last crash. This game is a joke and has permanently stained my outlook on the company.
  3. You guys are out of your mind if you think for one second they're gonna fix this game. They have zero communication with the players. They prolly don't even know it's broken, or don't care. Good luck on that refund by the way. I've been trying to get one for a week and being flat out ignored. Probably because VersusEvil is a garbage company. They're legit worse than Nexon.
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