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  1. Happy Holidays to everyone here! I just recently got The Outer Worlds and have been thoroughly enjoying it! However, I feel like being able to remove Mods after installing them would be a great addition to the game! I'm well aware that, due to the multiple copies of weapons that appear often, it's pretty trivial to have a suite of different modified weapons and armors. However, there are some cases where the ability to remove mods would be incredibly helpful. For example, I had purchased the unique revolver 'Fiver' from the Botanical Lab, mostly because I loved the idea of a true hand cannon for my character! It fit her aesthetic (and my preferred game play style) so well! However, the sight on it is kind of a deal-breaker and makes a nearly perfect weapon into a hassle and a constant (if not minor) annoyance! Thanks for your time and have a great rest of your 2019 and an even better 2020! - SlipSpace2
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