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  1. So I bought this game a few weeks back, and today I decided to go and back it up to the cloud since I'm moving to a new computer soon. However, when I went to back up the game, I found that the game was not in my list of downloaded games. Upon clicking install, I was given the prompt that it "needed to repair the game files" and I confirmed it. About two minutes into the install I paused it, unsure if repairing the files would overwrite my existing save. I'm about 30 hours in and REALLY don't want to lose my progress. I bought the game on the Microsoft Store on my pc, by the way. I did some digging to see if anyone else had this issue and discovered that the game has randomly uninstalled for other people too. In their case, the game had been deleted when they tried to cancel an update, which I may have done before (I don't remember it specifically, but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen). I need advice. Should I resinstall or wait? Thanks.
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