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  1. Has anyone else gone into the Engine.ini to tweak things such as disabling Ambient Occlusion,Chromatic Aberration, or Screen Space Reflections? For some reason when I do this my tweaks will not save. If I restart the game I have to do it all over again.
  2. Yes,you can slot them into your inhaler for added bonuses when you heal. And in the hardest game difficulty you have to eat,drink, and sleep, to stay alive.
  3. Why does sexuality have to be forced onto video games? So what if there's no characters in the game that "blur the lines"? There aren't a lot of NPCs in the game. People that "blur the lines" in real life are not standing on every street. In fact,unless you live in a big city that has areas or communities where these people "hang out", for lack of a better term, you'd be hard pressed to see these "gender-blurring", people. And if you live in the country like I do, you would probably never see such a person. Forcing sexuality upon a game like this makes no sense, and is completely unnecessary. What about wheel-chair bound people? Or people with prosthetic limbs? Or blind people walking down the street using a walking stick, or an assistance dog? Complaining that you don't see "gender bending" people in a video game is actually very selfish. There are many,many demographics that are not represented in the game. Such as the ones I mentioned. And there are far more people walking around with prosthetic limbs in the world, than there are "cross-dressers", or "gender-benders", or those that "blur the lines" as you called it. This is a sci-fy game. It's not a a game based on sexuality. This is ridiculous....
  4. That makes perfect sense to me. How many women with beards do you see in real life? And how do you know some of the "female" characters you see in-game are not trans? If they were men,identifying as women, then you would never know. There's nothing strange about the NPCs in the game. YOU are the one that is strange. I'm sick and tired of ridiculous people like you trying to force your "unusual" world view on the rest of us. Yes, I said "unusual". And if you're offended by that, then you are,indeed, a ridiculous person. Because there's nothing "usual" about expecting to see women with beards while going throughout your day. You are definitely just going out of your way to find something to complain about. If there were characters in the game that were trans,how would you know unless they came out and told you. Why can't you just imagine that some of the female characters in the game are actually men "identifying" as women, and vice versa? Why can't you just play a video game without having to force sexuality all over it. Just because P.C. obsessed countries like the US have decided to stop listing things like "Gender Dysphoria" as a mental illness does not mean that the rest of us agree that your world view is anywhere near the norm. It is not the norm. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being trans,etc. But there is something wrong with forcing your sexuality into places it does not belong. Such as a video game. You don't see heterosexuals complaining that none of the characters in-game explicitly state in their dialogue that they are heterosexual. If you want there to be trans-sexual,asexual,bi-sexual, or whatever form of "sexual" floats your boat, you can just roleplay it in your own head. Because you can't tell someone's orientation just by looking at them. Stop being so ridiculous.
  5. "the fact you chose a lowered crosshair with no option to change is is beyond baffling to me" Your "fact" is incorrect. No offense. But before blaming the game for the issue you're having, you should take a moment to look into it and make sure the problem is not on your end. Because in this case, the problem is,indeed, on your end. The game does not use a "lowered" cross hair. The cross hair is centered, just like every other game of this type that I can think of. You need to go through your settings and figure out what is causing your issue. Because this game is awesome. You'd be really missing out if you didn't play it because you thought a major game feature was crap, when it's actually perfectly fine.
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