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  1. I just finished the game and Parvati was alive in the ending cutscene in the save where her quest was fixed. This patch worked fine in my save file.
  2. I stopped to play when I noticed Parvati's bug, I just came back today (when I read about the patch) and try with some save files I was experimenting with (each of them with the bug or just to appear the bug) and I found this: 1st save: Just before getting "Don't Bite the Sun" quest, just in front of Parvati, I talk to her, give me the quest and failed, leave the ship and still bugged. 2nd save: I had the bugged botched "Don't Bite the Sun" and was in front of the old lady in the groundbreaker after bought the soap. The quest isn't in my journal (either active or botched). Parvati an
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