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  1. Hi Obsidian, I'm new to the forum, so hey all. I just wanted to share a few things I would love to have implemented in the future. 1) Add the ability to use a torch/flashlight. I purchased a Mining Helmet with Light, and sadly it was just aesthetics. Low light areas are quite frustrating without it, this is actually one of my main concerns funny enough. 2) Implement a way to customize / re-paint your armor, doesn't have to be in depth, just something that can enable players to add a personal touch. Maybe implement a perk to re-paint Faction armor, that would be cool, like a rebellious perk that allows you to defy their strict requirements and add your own colours. 3) I was going to say increase text size, but you guys have already listened and are fixing that, which is awesome! Thank you. 4) Increase Difficulty of Hard, it's still too easy and Supernova is a bit overkill. 5) Increase level cap from 30, I have found you can reach 30 very easily, without the need of deep progress. 6) Add 3rd Person mode, it's always nice to have the option, even if it's to rotate around your character to check out new attire/weapons. Thanks for making a sweet game though, as far as out of the box releases go, I think the game is super stable and well optimized. If others agree with the above, and enough folk let you know, hopefully you can implement these requests in a patch sometime, that would be killer. Anyhow, peace and love from UK. Matt
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