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  1. With some on and off testing with different options, and because usual stuff wasn't helping, it seems like, at least in my case, it was developer commentary that was somehow triggering the screen freeze. Not entirely sure though - but for the last 2-3 days I am playing the game without breaks anymore.
  2. Hi everyone, I tried with search first, but couldn't find anything similar. I got Win10 machine, got some hardware changes recently, new CPU and motherboard and RAM. Everything else is the same. With previous hardware setup game was running flawlessly, now with recent system re-installation and game re-installation I get this strange screen freeze. It happens every 2-3 minutes, mostly while I am in combat, like screen freezes for 10-15-20 seconds, and than action just continues with hiccup. Any thoughts, ideas on what should I do to fix? Thanks!
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