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  1. Hello everyone, i's been a while since my last post. I feel very disappointed about LucasArts/Bioware project about "The Old Republic". 300 years after Revan's journey to the Unknown Regions and no mention about the Jedi Exile means the death of story, and the creation of an other classic MMO with no point at all. But I will not continue any more complaining, just to avoid get off topic. So what I would like to see at KOTOR 3 would be the storyline. I am very curious (as all Star Wars fans) to know what really happened to Revan and Exile in their search for the ancient Sith Empire. And not only to read some refenses in a quest or something. I'd love the idea taking over as an appreantice who desided (or forced) to search for the two previous main characters into the Unknown Regions. I'd love to see the storyline of those who left behind, all of them, and I would'n like to see that they have been forgoten in the oblivion... I mean, of course, the parties of those two, all of them who had something to say and something to do in the upcoming storyline.Or at least a tribute to them. Sorry for the length of my post, but for me story is everything in a role playing game. And when it has to do with Star WArs, story counts the double.
  2. Is it possible that Master Lusien Draay be the Sith Lord Scion? By reading the KotOR comics and comparing the two characters, I found many similarities between them. And if Darth Traya is really Kyndra Draay, Lusien would be a nice option for Scion's alter ego.What do you thing about it?
  3. Although they might be overpowered (personally, I would like an epic level character! ) these characters are the 'keys' in KotOR storyline. Bastilla Shan was the one who ordered T3 to find a Jedi if Revan had problems and Exile's party would be the core of the New Jedi Order, according to Kreia's prophesies. I would like to see their story as the main characters of the story, their part in the saga, their efforts to help their heroes and friends, as characters themselves and not just like supportive NPCs...
  4. Greedings to all, I am new in the forum. I suppose that the main character in KotOR III will be someone who was related with Revan and Jedi Exile, perhaps someone who fought to the Mandolorian Wars with them. Also, here is a theory: what if the new PC is someone too close to Revan, like Bastilla (!) or someone too close to Exile,like Atton or Mical the Disciple??
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