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  1. I can not fast travel from inside the station and I have changed my game to windowed mode but it still didn't work. I will try to lower the resolution and try again. Edit - I put my game into windowed mode and lowered the resolution and put my settings to the lowest but it still didn't work. At this point I give up on the game, its really broken.
  2. I am on the mission Radio free monarch and after I talk to Hiram in the station I need to leave the station and go into the devils peak, however every time I leave, my game loads for a few seconds then crashes instantly. I have tried multiple things to fix this but nothing seems to work. I have a good PC and can run the game easily. I cannot do ANYTHING as I am stuck in the station so I can't even do a different quest or fast travel out as I cant fast travel whilst in the station. I was really enjoying the game but this is really starting to annoy me. The game worked perfectly fine before with
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