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  1. This is happening to me as well on the Xbox One, Game Pass Version. Playing on normal, so my companions shouldn't die. I actually encountered the issue as you mentioned it almost exactly, and tried to reply to an earlier post on the matter, but due to being new, it never seemed to get posted, and by the time I looked at it again, the patch was mentioned. I waited the week or so for the patch to roll out, and when I fired up the game again, the botched quest (where you go to the bar on Groundbreaker), re-added itself. Real life got in the way, and I only just picked up the game again yesterday, and I was able to complete the Sapphire Wine quest with no issues. When I go to get the "Don't Bite the Sun" quest, it fails immediately, mid-conversation with Parvati. The log states she has died.
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