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  1. Apparentely NPCs attacking me just because they are on the same side with guards and NPCs will not attack you on they own. So if anyone else faced the same problem, here is a "solution": Kill all guards, do not kill hostile NPCs, go back to ship, sleep for three days, come back to the city: all guards are dead, all NPCs are non-hostile.
  2. During "The Ice Palace" quest i got attacked by Board soldiers with no other way than to fight back. This ruined my reputation with them so bad that i am a 'shoot on sight' target now. Playing on Supernova so i can't just save/load in this situation. And now all Byzantium missions are just impossible to complete since every guard and NPC is trying to kill me. Is there any way to fix my reputation or my save is basically ruined because i had to fight back? BTW: isn't it wierd than you can kill people and leave no witnesses but your reputation still goes down?
  3. In Unreliable captains terminal one command appears to have a markup language error:
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