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  1. Ok So all going well, got Felix to Harlow's place no problems there. In the convo Felix made it clear he didn't want to leave the crew, Harlow waffled on about someone he wanted killed. I'd already killed said person, quite a long time before, but I'd kept the thing that proved it so handed that over. Harlow accepted it,there was conversation and Harlow told me to look after Felix, Ok all seemed hunkey dorey so we trotted back to the ship. Felix wanted to talk to me so we did that. But the quest won't complete, it still wants me to travel there, I tried several times to go back but nothing changes. I went through every dialogue with Felix at the time and nothing comes up related to it. It's just irritating that its still in my quest log when the game obviously accepted what had happened as the dialogue changed to reflect the choices made. I'd even be happier if it was reading as Botched rather than just sitting there in my to do list. Edit: I found a save from before I killed said person so replayed from there without killing him and the quest worked perfectly. However if an NPC being alive is integral to a plot line its seriously daft to surround him with people labelled as 'Outlaw'. On first time through I was just cleaning house in the area - I see someone labelled as Outlaw I'm going to kill em and anyone else lurking nearby unless they are obviously prisoners, otherwise make it so they only appear in the area after the said persons Significant other points you in the right direction. That's not that difficult to do using bare minimal script conditional statements. Or at the very least get the quest to complete under my originally reported scenario.
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