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  1. Heya, this might have been posted already but here goes anyway, so after Felix joined the crew, I went to chat with him in the kitchen, when I suddenly see Parvati climbing invisible ladder through the kitchen floor to ceiling and probably into space/outside the map that is the spaceship, and I didnt notice that she probably had ''died'' from this, sure I couldnt find her anywhere in the ship after that, until I took in to the squad while going outside of the ship, her health bar flashed 0 and then refilled, game took a little lag spike and she appeared behind me, so I was on my way to the bar with her on the Unbreakable to continue her quest, but to no avail, check the juornal and see her quest ''botched'' because she had died when going outside the spaceship during her derp ladder climb, and I just want to know, are you guys gonna patch this? I really wanna continue the quest and I kinda felt really annoyed that I cant complete a quest due to this glitch or something, thx.
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