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  1. Nope. I haven't tried recently though. This is what their support team sent to me: Christian (Private Division Support) Nov 2, 01:56 EDT Thanks for writing in! The team is already aware of this and has taken the Ultrawide monitor resolutions support as feedback as received as well from other players. Your input is also welcome and greatly appreciated! I cannot promise immediate changes or updates with this but please know that you are already heard. If there's anything else, please let me know. Warm regards, Christian Private Division Support
  2. Hi oei_um, Thanks for the quick response. I've emailed Private Division detailing the problem and what was posted here. Hopefully they can sort it out quickly. Over and out . . .
  3. Hi, there isn't an option for 3440x1440 in my graphics settings so i can only use 2560x1440 with my ultrawide monitor while just playing the game, nevermind cinematics, I'm not bothered about their res or aspect ratio. Anybody know if there is a mode in the game? Thanks
  4. Hello there my little droogs, I'm having a problem finding where to change the resolution to 3440x1440. I've read forums where people are complaining about not getting ultrawide in cinematics but I'm not bothered about that as long as I can play the game in the right resolution, because as it stands I have the following options: Fullscreen 2560x1440 max res; Windowed fullscreen 2752x1152 fixed (greyed out); Windowed 1835x1146 max res. Is there an option to play it at the proper resolution by normal means i.e. just in the graphics options, and if not, is there another way like altering the .ini files? At this point in the game most modern releases have the option for ultrawide monitors so it seems a bit odd that I'm not seeing the option. Oh and I'm playing it through Xbox Game Pas like I suspect a lot of you are (£1 for the first month ;b). Many thanks! Over and out . . .
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