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  1. I cannot get the game to run beyond the cutscene that plays before you land on the planet. The moment I get in game, my screen turns a solid colour (white, teal or red are the most common, though I have also had bright pink and pale blue) then the game crashes and I have to power-cycle my system (can't alt-tab or bring up task manager). I've tried every tip and trick I can find on the web (getting rid of any form of overlay, including ansel, the ms game bar, steam, etc), running in windowed/borderless, limiting my frame rate, checking all drivers and windows updates (including wiping my system drive and loading up a fresh install). I've tested my power supply, my motherboard, my ram (with memtest86) and my video card individually and can find no hardware faults. I've got the Epic Store version of the game. My system specs: Windows 10 Pro 1093 Intel Core i7-6700K nVidia 980TI (factory settings) 32gb Corsair DDR4 Samsung EVO 1TB SSD Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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