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  1. Thank you for the quick reply, but i'm done with this title for now. I like to start a game and just work everything from ingame (for me). For example, i don't think a new game should have so much outside help for simple things. I shouldn't need to add code to a script file to remove deadzone or use something to remove some effect. It's silly to think about it. Plus i'm using the Xbox game service, so i hear there are things you can't do, unlike if one plays it from EPIC (something to do with, some Xbox files you can't change or something i don't know). I was hoping i would have liked this, but the style and gameplay is a massive 0 for me. I hope the above info gets to someone who liks this and helps them play more of this though. I want to say thanks again for taking your own time by telling me on how to change the deadzone. It's by far the worst thing in my eyes, when some game creator thinks they know best and puts a damper on my aiming, without even knowing my setup. Here is to hoping that some patchs come and make this into a great game at some point.
  2. Is there a way to setup custom controls? I tested the first 2 mins of gameplay and can't get into how these are setup (I dislike all the made up controller setups). I also want to point out, why offer open custom controls for keyboard right above controllers, i don't get why they both don't have open controls. Anyway to disable the aim acceleration for controller? I did find a setting to use in the open ini file for this for mouse, anyway to appy this to the odd look feel in the game? Anyway to have access to deadzone and control features? It seems someone at this studio is overlooking settings that are in most all games in 2019. I can't play this was these controls, it makes me sick to even try.
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