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  1. I've jumped through the hoops and checked both my C drive and my D drive which i use souly for games scanning for errors but found nothing. I checked the C drive first then the D both came up with the same results.
  2. Sigh... kinda makes me sad the games market these days. I shouldn't have to do any of this stuff u buy a game u expect it to work and it's not just this games thers plenty more games out ther which seemed to be plagued by the same issues. Even games like Tom Clancy Breakpoint they had gamers testing it for them to iron stuff out (well i was one of em so...) Tbh i've decided not to continue with this I'm just going to uninstall the game and move on knowing that i won't be buying any more games from this developer, after reading the forum and seeing all the other issues people are having has kinda swung my decision and clearly this is not just a random issue. I'd like to thank you for your time and efforts in trying to help me sort this Dorgrin and wish you a bountiful life. All the Best Jane
  3. So keep trying to load "The Outer Worlds" when i turn my puter on and i got this message.
  4. I keep seeing what looks like updates through the MS store for The Outer Worlds but the game still won't launch
  5. Version 1903 build 18362.418 Just shows a event error around about the time i was on.
  6. I came across something similar, seems in the background it was asking for permission to access the net so as soon as i bought up the task manager i could see it was asking for permission on the task bar, pressed ok and it moved onto the next menu to play the game.
  7. Was on the groundbreaker talking to the engineer and the game just crashed to desktop, tried rebooting the game and didn't work so i rebooted my PC then tried again and yeah nothing happened. I'm not going to uninstall it and reinstall cos if i have to do that everytime it crashes then yeah not going to happen. PC: 17 9700 3ghz RTX 2080 (latest nvidia driver) 16 gb ram M.2 3500 read 3000 write 1tb
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