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  1. How am I misinterpreting the vending machine codex entry that states, "Restricted items on a vendor can only be purchased when you have high enough reputation with the associated faction, or a Hack skill of 40 or higher"?
  2. Yeah, I made the OP and I was replying to the person who said there was nothing in game that said there was nothing in-game mentioning the functionality I am confused about. Sorry for the confusion, I should have included the quote I was replying to. Thanks for the support though
  3. The vending machine info sheet in the menus says that some items are restricted based on your reputation with that company.
  4. I have 100% positive reputation and revered status with Spacer's Choice after completing the first main quest. I still can't buy restricted items such as mag-picks from Spacer's Choice vending machines. Is this a bug or am I not understanding a game mechanic?
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