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  1. Thank you. The issue where i couldn't exit the ship went away, but came back in Monarch. Seems it affect when i enter some places for first time, but later it seems to fix itself. Mainly i blame more in the side of xbox app and not all on the devs side. And i am still enjoying the game.
  2. The same issue. EVERY time you open inventory and game crashes in there. Xbox game app
  3. So. I got this game on xbox app for windows 10 and i've been enjoying alot. However i have been encountering few bugs / glitches that are annoying and now one even bigger issue has occured, that i can't even continue playing the game.. The main bug is that if i try to leave to Byzantium, the game just stops and closes down to windows after loading a little. I can go to other places but not Byzantium and it is weird and it sucks. For some reason every characters armor is only black silhouette with some markings only visible in them. Might be a driver issue as well. Game s
  4. Got a similar problem with my game using the workbench. However i can't get out of the screen at all. Keyboard and windows works well, but the workbench screen stays on. I have to forceclose the game from task manager and restart and it is annoying.
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