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  1. I am playing on PC with an X Box One controller. The in game options wont let me manually configure the controller buttons.
  2. I just downloaded the other worlds this morning and I am loving every moment of it! That is until I got into combat. You see, I had a spinal cord stroke back in 2004 that ended up paralyzing me. My right hand is difficult to use, particularly my right trigger finger. I can use my right trigger finger to simply hold down the trigger to aim down the sites, but I do not have the dexterity to rapid fire like I can with my left trigger finger. This is why I need to have a lefty mode as soon as possible! I tried using Xpadder, but the game will not allow me to turn the controller off from within game and so all that it ends up doing is turning both triggers into the fire trigger and then I can’t name. I don’t think that this would be too difficult to put out into the patch. And so I am asking the developers if they could add this into the game as soon as possible so that I can fully enjoy this game like everyone else. I would be forever grateful. Thank you. Trent
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